Value we can bring to you, the suppliers of funding


We help your "implementers" work better

So that they make a more efficient use of your funds
They have real time access to data regarding their beneficiaries and services
They can do one click reporting on their activities and success indicators
They can effectively protect their beneficiaries' data (confidentiality).

We help you gain more information on how they perform

To make more efficient use of funds
You have real time access to impact indicators for each of the implementers
You can aggregate data from your implementers into a single dashboard / reports for governance reporting.

How do we do that?


We work with the organizations you support to:

Analyse, document, improve their internal processes.
Develop a custom software tool to improve their delivery of services to their beneficiaries and assist them in their operations.
Implement a set of indicators (progress, impact) that can be measured automatically with the software tool.
Provide them with real time reporting and analysis on all their programs and indicator.
Give them access to a single repository for beneficiary data with data access control and protection for better governance.

We provide you with a dashboard of real time data

On how each individual organizations are doing (indicators) and how you are doing across all your funding and investments.

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