Building the Criminal Justice System for Adolescents in Bolivia in the Time of COVID-19

By tutatorAdmin juillet 4, 2020

Between the months of June and May 2020, ProgettoMondo and Tutator Foundation, with the support of several institutions working in the field, promoted the realization of the Short Course “Approach to socio-educational measures and mechanisms of restorative justice”. More than 150 professionals working in the administration of justice and social operators of centers for adolescents with criminal responsibility from all over the country participated in this course.

During this course we had the opportunity to share experiences and collectively build knowledge about the importance of the specialty in socio-educational measures and general notions of restorative justice mechanisms.

We thank all the people who participated in the course and congratulate them on their performance. Let us continue to build a specialized criminal justice system for adolescents.

Building the Criminal Justice System for Adolescents

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