Government services /
Non-governmental organizations

We are presenting our approach in various countries and offering our services to communities that ask for it.

What problems are we trying to solve?

We have talked to a lot of NGO and GO across the world and realized that:

These organizations are forced to migrate to software-based solutions to manage their projects:

Our Solution

Process and Resources

Tutator has developed a software platform that focuses on Beneficiary Management and Delivery of Services to these Beneficiaries.

puts the beneficiary at the center

Access to data in real time

Allow policy decision making based on real data

Web based

Low cost /High Performance

Custom solutions at a price point close to off-the – shelf product

Key Features

Agile and versatile development

  • Rapid application development
  • The platform is adapted to different requirements in different projects


  • Access protection (user authentication)
  • Data protection (office / roles)

Business Process Management

  • Management various processes inside the application

Office Management Tools

  • Communications
  • Calendaring
  • Reporting
  • Library

Easy Integration

  • Easy and robust Integration through REST API’s

Our Benefits

For users
  • Control - The authorities have control of the tools and the data all the time.
  • Access to data in real time - Provide access ro reliable stadistics in real time. Facilitate policy decisions with real data in real time.
  • Easy to use - A modern , friendly interface, very easy to learn.
  • Compliance - Ensures that the actors follow processes that are very complex.
  • Collaboration - Facilitates communications between all the actors involved.
  • Efficiency - Frees users from repetitive and tedious tasks.
For beneficiaries
  • Confidentiality: Protects personal and sensitive data.
  • Transparency: Access, creation and modification of the data is fully traced, and the work of every operator is fully documented.
  • Efficiency: Facilitates the follow-up of each case, reducing the time necessary for its management thus increasing the number of cases that can be attended by each operator.
  • Access: Direct access to services when desired and appropiate.


Administration NEO
  • Separate administration console to manage users, offices, data access, etc.
  • Ready to handle several levels of administration
  • (Global administration by offices)
Development Tools
  • Rapid form design web for mobile forms.
  • Report design and real time statistics.
  • Multi Language Support.
Monitoring & Support tools
  • Monitoring of servers and services and rapid response to problems.
  • Support center with different levels of SLA.